Transparent EVA film

Today, EVOLAM film is one of the most modern and technological product for laminated glass production. This product has the best quality features as well as is highly competitive.
High transparency of end-product;
The ability to be used at two different temperature settings: at 80 °C and 135 °C;
Can be used at low temperature to laminate “delicate” inserts, PET film or print;
Not Hygroscopic, can be used with open edge;
High adhesion, especially for lamination with other materials: PET, metal, wood, etc;
The possibility of storage without environmental chamber;
The possibility of application for exteriors and interiors: EVA film EVOLAM has long-term endurance and blocks more than 98% of UV radiation;
Great production and economic efficiency;
The possibility of using EVOLAM with the maximum number of “inserts”, including difficult technological ones like solar panels (solar cells), LCD modules, LED film, electrically heated glass;
The possibility of using bend laminated glass;
Compliance with all European Standards, including standards for architectural glass;