Silicone sheets/bags, vacuum systems

Silicone bags are used to pack the glass sheets and EVA film and decorative inserts and provide the vacuum inside for proper laminating process. The bag consists of 2 silicone parts connected by special lock. There are 2 silicone tubes fixed to each part of bag to provide the connection between bag and vacuum pump.
Advantages of bags:
They are universal and can be used in the furnace from any manufacturer.  Each bag is produced with size according to the customers’ needs and requests.
To repair the bag in the case of its cut or damage we recommend to use a special kit consists of glue and silicone plates.

Thermal knives

Thermal knife is used to remove the hardened EVA polymer from the edge and holes of laminated glass after lamination. The knife includes special blades that heat up to 500 °C and cut the hardened polymer. It reduces the cleaning time of the laminated glass edge by times

Blades for thermal knives

Special blades used with the thermal knives heat up to 500 °C and cut the hardened polymer, reducing cleaning time of the laminated glass edge by times.

Heat resistant tape

Heat resistant tape is used to seal the edges of laminated glass in the process of lamination and fixing of all sheets of glass and film together. The porous structure of the tape passes air perfectly and prevents the hot polymer from leaking.
Range of Heat resistant tapes’ width: 25 mm, 35 mm, 50 mm, 100 mm.  Length per roll: 66 lin m.  The working temperature is 200 °C.