KATAP is a professional partner for the European glass processing companies

Technologies Development and Implementation

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Furnace LGM is high-performance glass lamination unit using EVA/TPU/SGP films and using the latest technology and know-how in glass lamination processes. Lamination process is based on the certain temperature cycle programming which depends on the glass thickness and type of used film

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Our extra clear EVA film have a TUV certification and we always have a range of different width and thickness in our EUROPEAN warehouse

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We have more than 17 basic colors in our range and you can get any color by mixing them

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We supply films for sound reduction, mirror films, films for printing and extra strong, vandal proof films. You can use our products in hurricane area as well as for bulletproof glass

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The latest fashion trend in public buildings . Make the same room transparent or opaque, just be pushing the switch

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We offer a wide range of different inserts- starting from fashionable metal mesh of different patterns up to silk and printed paper patterns

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Laminated glass is a lot more common than we realize. In fact, most of us sit behind it every day as it is what’s used for car windshields.

Our advantages

  • Warehouse in EU
  • Logistics around Europe
  • Different sizes and small deliveries
  • Good knowledge of production processes
  • Fast service
  • TUV certified product
Laminated glass is a type of safety glass made by applying heat and pressure to two or more layers of heat-strengthened or tempered glass, which are separated by an interlayer. The interlayer works to hold the glass fragments together if hit with an impact that would normally shatter it, such as wind storms, bomb blasts, bullets, and forced entry.
In a home or office window application, laminated glass can incorporate high-performance and dynamic glass products to also offer significant energy savings, reduced outside noise, and less carpet-fading ultra-violet light.